Arrangementet er afholdt

Welcome To Night Vale (US)

Showet med Welcome To Night Vale er flyttet til den 27. oktober. Billetter til den oprindelige dato er også gældende til det nye show den 27. oktober.

Welcome To Night Vale, en af de mest populære podcasts i verden, vender tilbage til Bremen Teater med et nyt live-show med helt nye historier den 18. maj. Da de besøgte Bremen Teater i 2014 og 2016 blev billetterne revet væk.

Om det nye show:

With an all new, never before heard show that brings fans closer by switching audience participation up a notch. The Night Vale experience will be brought to you like never before.

The hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale is back with a brand new live show! Welcome to Night Vale takes the form of a community radio broadcast from a town where every conspiracy theory is true. The podcast has been running for over 150 episodes and has spawned multiple live shows, books, and fan theories.

The 2020 tour features a never-before-heard story that will never be told on the podcast. Plus, this performance continues Night Vale’s tradition of bringing audiences into the story in new and surprising ways, making this a unique experience that you just can’t get from listening to the podcast at home. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the podcast or this is the first time you’re hearing about it, you can enjoy this stand-alone live performance.